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The Dafna Fund, Israel's first feminist foundation, is committed to supporting innovation and the development of best practices in promoting women's leadership and feminist and gender mainstreaming.


We value the individual and collective wisdom of feminist activists, scholars and professionals, and are committed to learning from our partners in the field about the emerging needs of Israel's growing feminist arena.


In our 2014/15 grant cycle, we invited women's organizations and activists in the field to develop new partnerships and ideas for programs that promote women's leadership and gender mainstreaming in the following areas:

The public and political arena

  • Academia
  • The economic sphere and the labor market

Every year, the Dafna Fund awards grants to women's organizations working to promote a wide variety of issues.

The fund provides one-time grants, ongoing grants, consultation regarding the funding of activities and other services.


The Dafna Fund is currently not accepting grant applications.

Types of grants and levels of funding

Details will be included in the request to submit proposals.

Criteria for the submission of applications

Details will be included in the request to submit proposals.

Process for submission of grant applications

1st StepSubmitting a letter of intent

Once the request for proposals (RFP) is published, you can submit a preliminary letter of intent. This letter informs the fund that your organization is interested in submitting an application. The Dafna Fund will screen the proposals based on the criteria detailed in the RFP. After the initial screening, we will invite the selected organizations to submit a full application or send a letter to notify organizations that they did not meet the requirements of the RFP.

Please send the letter to:


2nd StepIn-depth review

In this stage, the selected organizations must submit a full application detailing the project goals, objectives, budget and so on.

The Dafna Fund staff will then prepare a document summarizing the key points of the application and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the project. The document will also evaluate the extent to which the application meets the criteria presented by the fund. The staff's recommendation regarding the application will be submitted to the Dafna Fund board for review.

3rd StepExamination of the proposal by the board

The board of the Dafna Fund will meet to discuss the full applications that had been submitted. After deliberation, the board will decide which organizations to support and the manner and amount of this support. 

4th StepNotification

Organizations that submitted full applications will receive a reply stating whether or not they will receive a grant. Grant contracts will then be prepared and signed by the grantees, including an undertaking by the recipient organization to meet the reporting requirements of the Dafna Fund.