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Hat Knitting, Poster Painting, Choir Singing: Independent Initiatives in the 2017 Women’s March

The feminist protest movement which has been gaining momentum since Trump's inauguration is a critical mass of independent initiatives, creativity, digital activism and a lot of rage. Guest post by Ma'ayan Alexander.   


Marching in Washington DC in Our Hearts

Standing in solidarity with our American sisters who will march for women's rights and safety, and against the violent misogyny Trump threatens to bring into the White House.  


The Soul Does Not Observe Set Times

Today, November 25th, we mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. On the day after, and on the day after that, we need to continue working towards a world that does not tolerate violence and hatespeech toward women and girls.


Days of Compassion and Forgiveness: A Feminist Perspective

The request for forgiveness requires us to stand, in all our vulnerability and with full responsibility, in front of our fellow human beings– those with whom we have personal, familial, organizational, and communal relationships. Sometimes, it's even more difficult to forgive people who have commited indefensible social and political sins in the public sphere.


Three Lessons in Solidarity

What connects The Women's Courtyard in Haifa's struggle to stay open and the campaign to advance worthy legal alternatives to the tender years presumption? Primarily, the fact that so many women from different backgrounds and organizations came together to support these struggles, in solidarity with the women who benefit from them.