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Marching in Washington DC in Our Hearts

Standing in solidarity with our American sisters who will march for women's rights and safety, and against the violent misogyny Trump threatens to bring into the White House.  

On January 20th Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president of the United States and will proceed to hold this office for the next 4 years. Many of us are still having a hard time this will actually come to pass. We nurture a secret hope that any minute now an error in the election counts will be discovered or the Russian interference will render the election results will prevent this man, who has harnessed hate, racism, misogyny and fear, into a position of unthinkable power.   

For many feminists, Trump’s election arrived on waves of shock, grief and a sense of destruction. It seems like the end of progress for women’s rights, rights which have been carved with blood and pain, alongside dread from a very real ending – if we should take the threats and instability by “the man with the finger on the red button” seriously.

Apprehension from what is yet to come is accompanied by a growing feeling of threat, persecution and immense disappointment: do you truly hate women so much that you would crown a man who, on good days does not see women (as human beings or at all) and when it is politically useful for him – incites violence and harm against us?

Many women, however, refuse to accept this choice of the American people as a death sentence to the feminist movement. We hear more and more about women and men who are boycotting the inauguration – artists who refuse to perform, congress members who will be actively absent.



barbara lee

Barbara Lee, Congresswoman from California. source



For the first time we are hearing terms and methods of action that are usually reserved for abstract malice – applied to one man. Words like resistance, struggle, protest, boycott. 

The Women’s March on Washington, scheduled for the day after the inauguration, is raising the banner of unity and inclusiveness of women from all the groups which Trump has trampled in his campaign: women of color, Native women, women with disabilities, women in poverty, immigrant women, Muslim women, LGBTQ women – all women.

This amazing initiative is a conscious, stubborn battle against Trump’s mode of operation: where Trump used bullying and incitement – the Women’s March calls to work together and include all; where Trump leveraged his money and the resources he bought with his wealth – the march is built on grassroots efforts and ongoing field work; while Trump’s main strategy was spewing hate and slander on Twitter, the women’s organizations keep preparing and organizing for the day after, and what a regime change will mean for policy and funding.

American women’s insistence on “Hope Not Fear” is inspiring. It reminds us that we have no choice, and that we do not have the privilege to give up all the accomplishments great women before us have garnered for us through incredible sacrifices.

We stand in solidarity with our sisters in the US. On Saturday, January 21st, we will march with you in our hearts, in the streets of Washington DC and strengthen you with a promise: we are with you, as you are with us, with whatever the next 4 years will bring.

Share and enjoy these wonderful drawings created by women who refuse to give up, under the hashtag #WMWArt: