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What Do We Do

Our core mission is threefold:
First, to foster women from all walks of Israeli society as effective agents of social transformation; second, to enhance the collective capacities of the women's movement in Israel; and third, to promote gender mainstreaming through powerful partnerships between women's organizations, donors and mainstream institutions.


The Dafna Fund initiates and supports programs and partnerships that encourage new and innovative approaches, either practical or conceptual, to promoting women's leadership and agency in key spheres of life: public participation and engagement, economy, business and employment and academia. By identifying the specific needs of women and the challenges faced by them, the Dafna Fund aspires to impact not only individuals, organizations and institutions, but Israeli society as a whole.


In our grantmaking programs and proactive outreach programs, we endorse and encourage best practices based on innovation, partnerships, diversity, mentoring and networking opportunities for women. To find out more about the activities we support, take a look at our list of grantees.


Grantee Stories

How the Dafna Fund helps women's organizations lead social change

Women Against Violence (WAV) Women Against Violence (WAV) Aida Touma-Suliman

Women Against Violence is a feminist and social change organization that works to advance the status of Arab women in Israel. The organization was founded by a group of Arab women pioneers, including social workers, attorneys and activists in women's organizations.


WIPS Shavot (Equal) Hadass Ben Eliyahu

The Center for the Advancement of Women in the Public Sphere (WIPS) is committed to the principle of gender mainstreaming as a holistic strategy. WIPS aims to advance the democratic and civil status of women from diverse social groups.


Kolech – Religious Women's Forum Kolech Hanna Kahat

Kolech – Religious Women's Forum was established in 1998 with the goal of leading social change and raising awareness to gender equality within the religious community in Israel.