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Activity areas

The Dafna Fund is active in two key areas:

  1. Awarding grants to organizations and projects that generate real social change from a gender perspective. We are proud to provide support and assistance to pioneering organizations from all walks of Israeli society, representing a diverse cross section of women. The Dafna Fund values innovation and creativity and supports organizations that demonstrate our core principles: partnership, mentoring and mutual support, networking and diversity.

  3. Raising awareness to grantmaking from a gender perspective. Our goal in this area is to highlight the specific needs of women and girls in different areas – such as education, employment and health – and to affirm the importance of providing funding to organizations in which women play a meaningful role.


Our Activities include:


Grantmaking: Our funding strategy is based on a combination of signature grants and seed grants. Signature grants provide continued support (up to seven years) for projects that feature an organic partnership between feminist or women's organizations and mainstream institutions. These grants enable the Dafna Fund to leverage, replicate or expand models based on best practices. The seed grants program was initiated in 2011 and provides strategic development grants, particularly to new and fledgling organizations, as well as funds for innovative models and projects.


Enhancing the collective capacities of women's organizations and the feminist arena in Israel: The women's movement in Israel has grown and evolved over the last three decades and has become highly diverse and extremely effective in bringing issues of women's rights and gender equality to the public agenda. Furthermore, feminist organizations and coalitions hold extensive knowledge and expertise in working with policy and decision makers. Yet, to fully realize its potential for sustained impact on Israeli society, the women's movement needs opportunities for creating new knowledge, learning, networking and collaborating across agendas.


The Feminist Leadership Laboratory: The lab is designed to bring together funders, grantees, practitioners and scholars in order to reflect, explore, experiment and create new knowledge and identify innovative best practices and scalable models for developing social change leadership. Laboratory participants, funders and other social change practitioners will gain new insights and skills in designing, implementing and evaluating leadership development programs. By founding this laboratory, carving the space and providing the resources for theoretical and experiential learning, we can create new knowledge, document it and share it with others.


Introducing gender-sensitive giving to Israeli philanthropists: In 2014, we launched a three-year initiative, in partnership with JFN Israel, designed to promote gender-sensitive funding as a best practice. The action plan includes research, public events and lectures on giving with a gender lens in Israel. Our website also features a resource center on giving with a gender lens.