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Key Achievements

We believe that women can and should make a unique contribution to Israeli society. Ensuring the active participation of women in all spheres of life is the key to fostering a more pluralistic, democratic and just society. To achieve our vision, we take a multi-pronged strategic approach, which comprises three key elements:

  • Grantmaking: signature grants, seed grants and sponsorship grants;
  • Enhancing the collective capacities of feminist and women's organizations;
  • Development and outreach efforts, designed to augment the pool of resources invested in activities that benefit women and girls in Israel.

Some of the achievements supported by the Dafna Fund:


  • By encouraging our grantees to embrace innovative approaches, we helped to create best practice models for the development of feminist leadership among diverse population groups. These models are now replicated by others and constitute a source of learning and inspiration. Grantees: the Women Legal Leaders program of Itach-Maaki and the Faculty of Law at Haifa University; and the mentoring program established by Kolech in collaboration with the Dafna Center at Bar-Ilan University.
  • We supported the development of an innovative model of feminist economics, designed to safeguard women's right to dignified living. Grantees: Achoti and Comme il faut.
  • Through a sponsorship grant, we enabled the first conference held in the Knesset on the subject of sexual harassment. Grantees: Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel and Shatil.
  • We were the first funding body to support a broad coalition of organizations that worked to bring former President Moshe Katzav to trial on charges of rape and sexual harassment.
  • We provided an emergency grant to support a petition submitted by the Tmura Center, demanding to abolish the statute of limitations imposed on offenses of sexual abuse in the family. 
  • We were partners in establishing the first center in Israel dedicated to applied research and action for encouraging the participation of women in the public and political sphere. We supported an innovative project to develop a comprehensive Gender Index, which monitors the ongoing status of gender issues. Grantee: The Center for the Advancement of Women in the Public Sphere – Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.
  • Together with 16 Jewish women's foundations from the United States, we established a unique and pioneering philanthropic partnership, which awarded a joint grant to a consortium of Israeli feminist and women's organizations for advancing the status and rights of women in Israel.
  • As a proactive and learning organization, we have developed invaluable professional knowledge regarding grantmaking with a gender lens and the evaluation of projects promoting gender equality and women's rights.
  • In its ten years of existence, the Dafna Fund has provided large and small grants, amounting to more than USD 1.5 million, to over 35 organizations and projects. During this decade, the field of feminist and women's organizations in Israel has developed and turned into a dynamic and influential force.