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The Dafna Fund – Women Collaborating for Change

The Dafna Fund, established in 2003 by the feminist scholar and activist Professor Dafna Izraeli, is the first and currently only Israeli feminist fund. The Dafna Fund is dedicated to advancing gender mainstreaming and gender equality for all women in Israel and promoting the vision of Israel as an inclusive, tolerant, egalitarian and democratic state.


Our core mission is threefold: to foster women from all walks of Israeli society as effective agents of social transformation; to enhance the collective capacities of the women's movement in Israel; and to promote gender mainstreaming through powerful partnerships between women's organizations, donors and mainstream institutions.


To achieve these goals, the Dafna Fund initiates and supports programs and partnerships that encourage innovative approaches, either practical or conceptual, to promoting women's leadership and agency in key spheres of life: public participation and engagement, economy, business and employment and academia. In our grantmaking programs and proactive outreach programs, we endorse and encourage best practices based on innovation, creation of new knowledge, partnerships, diversity, mentoring and networking opportunities for women.