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Prof. Dafna Izraeli

 Dafna Izraeli – The Woman Behind the Fund

Prof. Dafna Izraeli, who passed away on 21 February 2003, was one of the pioneers of gender research in Israel. She died at the age of 66, after a long battle with cancer.
An internationally-renowned sociologist and anthropologist, Prof. Izraeli served as head of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Bar-Ilan University. In her later years, she was the main force behind the establishment of the university's Department of Gender Studies, which she also headed.

Prof. Izraeli was born in Strasbourg, France, after her parents had fled there to find refuge from the Nazis. Following the war, her family migrated to Montreal, Canada, where she received her BA in political science and philosophy and her MA in social work.
After immigrating to Israel in 1958, Prof. Izraeli achieved a second master's degree in political science and Jewish history from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She then completed her Phd in labor studies at the University of Manchester, England, and went on to undertake post-doctorate studies at UC Berkeley.

Prof. Izraeli published various works that became milestones in the development of gender literature in Israel. Two notable examples among her many publications are: Trapped Women (1982) and Sex, Gender, Politics (1999).